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 Cate Clark, LMT   

River Stone Massage Therapy

"At a time of  uncertainty and change in my life, I was looking for someone who could help me to soothe my emotions and calm my mind. I'm glad I found Marnie and she is the best! Marnie has a presence of peaceful calm that is catching! She is kind, caring, professional and very skilled. I highly recommend her

Living Into Mindfulness classes."

Marnie Rehn's Guided Meditation this weekend was so helpful. I've been meditating for years, but in current times I've felt the need for more centering and added this experience. I'm so glad I did! Practicing bringing mindfulness to activities, not just meditation, truly teaches how to bring more calm into everyday activities. We really need these skills now more than ever.

Deanna Valdez, PhD, LMHC, NCC

Professional School Counselor

“This is the first mindfulness/meditation class that I’ve taken. I was nervous about not knowing much about mindfulness but Marnie taught the class in way that allowed everyone to be comfortable with where

they are in their own mindfulness/meditation practice.  I would recommend this class to anyone, beginners or experienced.”

Leia V.


"I was very excited to take Marnie's six week mindfulness course as it came at a time when I was fumbling through trying to develop my own mindfulness and meditation practice. Marnie was an amazing teacher who not only taught me about different aspects of mindfulness but also encouraged me to really make my journey my own and to be gentle with myself through the process. I loved and valued every class and am thankful for Marnie and her ability to teach and support me throughout our six weeks together. “   

Jane Dunnington 

Marnie Rehn : Living Into Mindfulness

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