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Changing States

I am learning to be awake in whatever state I am in... and, my life's flight pattern will go how it goes, and this is the nature of things and this, this is all ok!

There is liberation in this sentiment. It frees me from expectation and obligation which has tried to shape me into something that I am not. It somehow allows me to feel able to show up better for my own life, to show up with love for others. Liberating from the notion that I should be doing what I'm doing some other way. Liberating from the need to fly and act before I am ready because of the storyline of urgency. Liberating from paralysis when all I want to do is spread my wings!

I get to be the hungry caterpillar chewing my way out of an outgrown shell, seeking all that nourishes. To be the still one in a chrysalis; to become the liquid gooey presence that is not defined by anything in particular; the vulnerable one with wet wings allowing life to keep moving at its own pace all around me, trusting; the one learning how to fly; and the one in flight, pollinating new ideas!

It is an endless cycle this... a cycle of birth, life, death, rebirth. And I embrace it! Gathering resources, weaving the cocoon, resting, reimagining, taking flight!

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