This unique offering is for the contemplative woman who enjoys spending time in the great outdoors but doesn't wish to do so in a group or alone. 

Your guide, Marnie, will spend time walking with you to a peaceful setting- completely at your pace. Her ability to listen and observe is applied through her intuitive guidance during the meditation. The practices she weaves into the session reach beyond just sitting meditation; there is an invitation to rewild, to play, to converse with the natural world in fresh ways that leave you feeling immersed in the natural beauty and magic of the plants and animals nearby.

Marnie offers single sessions and bundled specials.  There is a loose intent for sessions to last approx. 1.5 hours, however-

the mystery of the day's weather and the magic of mother nature may have some say in the plans ;)

Location options vary- your choice! Choose from a session in the: River Bosque, Urban Farmland, or Mountain Foothills

Single Sessions are priced at: $37
The Mind/Body/Spirit Bundle is priced at $90 (3 sessions and up to 3 different locations).

Once you book, Marnie will email you directly and set up a short phone call to determine with you the meeting location and to confirm and complete your booking.

  • Personalized Nature Walk & Guided Meditation

    $37 or $90