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Guided meditation 1:1 or in small group experience


Together we explore the present moment as it unfolds to learn to work wisely with the thoughts and feelings that arise. Over time, with practice, we forge a whole new relationship to the inner voice that creates our reality.


This is training in liberation!

  • This is not about shutting off the mind, rather it is about befriending it.

  • This is not about seeking bliss, rather it is about becoming unfettered by the little annoyances that erode our experience of happiness and inner peace bit by bit.


Group sessions include time for connection with each other, as well as moments of silence infused with gentle guidance. We get to discuss what arises in practice if we wish to share, though there is no pressure to share aloud, so that we can learn from the blossoming of each other's practice.

"The quote Marnie shared in the Peace Within sessions helped me get through the holiday season with grace, ease, and joy; even amidst a house filled with visiting family coming and going. I am thankful for Marnie's guided series, it has kept me inspired to wake up and be present in my life each day, what a gift!"

Cindy E  - Artist & Educator



Reconnecting to Source through Nature Journey

As an Outdoor Educator, Naturalist, Medicine Woman, and Lifelong Meditator, Marnie facilitates unique outdoor explorations that blend mindfulness practices and nature- into a nature immersion adventure that will ignite in you a sense of awe and wonder and inspire a deeper feeling of connection.


Perfect for those looking to re-wild, renew, &  reconnect  to feel at one with our planet's great spirit, Mother Earth.

  • These journeys can be secular or spiritual by design- so, when you book, you and Marnie will talk first to see what you wish to explore together! 

  • No previous experience is needed, just an interest in spending time outdoors connecting your mind/body/spirit with the natural world.

  • The location/terrain of your journey can be decided upon together as well. This is truly a unique offering curated just for you.

"Marnie led me through a guided meditation on the banks of the Rio Grande with Sandhill Cranes and Canada Geese as a backdrop. Typically when I go into nature, I'm mountain biking, trail running,  or moving through the landscape with another purpose. This  slowed me down and helped me feel profoundly connected. It was a marvelous experience! I emerged from the experience richer      for it and filled with gratitude."

Peter R. - Architect


Yoga at Home


Private or Public Retreats

Throughout the year and seasonally attuned, Marnie offers in-person retreats in the SW Colorado area on private land. She can also

be booked to come to a location of your choosing.

  • These can be half to full day in length

  • 1:1 

  • Small Group: Open or Private

She offers half-day retreats (in-person and online) designed to assist the participant in accessing more traditional mindfulness practices.   

  • This is a great stepping stone to discover what it might be like   to attend a formal retreat at a spiritual center.

Marnie supports those attending long form formal retreats  or sacred medicine retreats in the integration process after such an experience.


  • There is much to be gained from this kind of experience in one's life but once we return home, we are often engulfed in life as-is, the status quo and the insight and power we left the retreat with can fade without integrative support, Marnie deeply understands the support that is needed and can hold space for you that nurtures and helps you sustain and cultivate the fruits gathered from growth you underwent.

Yoga Retreat


Private Mindfulness Training

It's always a delight to create content specific to a client's needs.

Marnie can run private mindfulness courses and specialized programming for your group, organization/business or school.    I offer a multi-week Introductory Mindfulness Course, or one time or multi-session staff development workshops. 

  • Designed to provide mindfulness training.

  • Supports team members to engage in deepening their own emotional regulation skills so they become more coherent individuals who connect in healthier more productive communication and responses to stress. 

Marnie has facilitated meaningful programs in public & private schools, with museums, non-profits, and with a variety of health-field and professional institutions.

Marnie's Bio: Marnie Rehn is a Mindfulness Educator certified with the Mindfulness Training Institute which is accredited by the International Mindfulness Teacher's Association. Beyond leading trainings directly in her community and online, she mentors other mindfulness teachers in their pursuits towards certification and has spent over 20 years in the public sector achieving National Board Certification as an Educator and Instructional Coach. Because Marnie knows from direct experience that the lives we lead in today's world tend to keep us more busy and stressed than we would like, she crafts her workshops to assist others in feeling more embodied and at ease in the midst of our daily tasks. This way, people can move from human-doing back into our natural state of human-being. Clients report the ability to find more inner peace and presence in the moment by moment experience of their lives, their work, and relationships.





"The entire staff at Acequia Animal Hospital was thrilled with their participation in a nature-based mindfulness retreat guided by Marnie Rehn. We got to explore the beautiful Bosque by the Rio Grande, stopping several times along the way for moments of reflection and connection with our workmates. We were a COVID weary group that Marnie revived by giving us skills for re- grounding, renewal and resilience to apply in our everyday lives and together as a team. Marnie tailored the gathering to our needs, and we left the experience having more compassion and a greater appreciation for the other members of our team. I would highly recommend to any manager who is looking for a creative way to make on huge, positive impact on their staff"                     

 J Wilmore, Vetrinary Practice Manager

Online Meditation
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