What I Provide


From the comfort of home

This is a small-group, online, guided meditation session (30-40 minutes) that occurs each Thursday evening of the month. We meet in a Zoom "meditation hall", each from the comfort of our own homes, for a short introduction to the day's mindfulness theme and then we settle in for a guided-meditation. 
There is one fee per month, and the login details you receive upon registration will be the same ones we use the remainder of the month- you only need to register once each month and you can attend any and all Thursdays that month! Class begins promptly at 7:00 PM Mountain Time.


At home in the world

As an Outdoor Educator, Naturalist, and Lifelong Meditator, I've created a series of unique outdoor experiences that blend mindfulness meditation practices into a nature immersion adventure that will ignite in you a sense of awe and wonder and inspire a deeper feeling of connection. No previous experience is needed, just an interest in spending time outdoors connecting your mind/body/spirit with the natural world. 


You are worth it!

These Home Retreats are designed to appeal to new and experienced meditators alike! Together, we'll explore the informal side of mindfulness meditation and engage in practices that support our daily lives. Some themes of recent retreats: Mindful Movement, Mindful Eating, Digital Mindfulness, and relating to chores with mindful awareness. Oftentimes, mindfulness practice focuses strictly on the formal meditation component. One way to bring a mindful lifestyle off the cushion is to explore how it is we relate to the mundane tasks that occupy our time. Now that we spend more time than ever at home, these retreats can transform our relationship to #stayinghome and the new reality of quarantine life.



It's always a deep delight to create content specific to a client's needs. I can run private mindfulness retreats and specialized programs for your organization or school. I offer a 7 week SIT Course that teaches the foundational skills for developing personal mindfulness practices and can tailor a workshop, design a staff retreat, or offer mindfulness professional development and team building programs. 
Email me to begin the conversation based on your needs or interests! I've offered programs in public & private schools, with museums and non-profits, and with a variety of health-related and professional institutions.
I'm currently training to begin offering Mindfulness-Based Life Coaching packages- so check back soon for more information on that!


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