Living into Sacredness
A Path of Grace

What is Grace? How might we add more of it to our lives?

Grace is woven into those sacred moments we all experience in life. Perhaps it has been observed when we are moved by the hues in a sunset or the vibrant yet ephemeral beauty of a rainbow on a stormy afternoon.

Grace is felt when someone extends a kindness at the moment we need it most; or known when we feel a prayer or longing has been answered. No matter the body of spiritual belief we each may hold as

sacred within ourselves- be it through a specific religious system or through the

wonders and gifts of the natural world- living a more sacred life is possible.


Marnie has spent nearly a decade apprenticing with time tested spiritual and wisdom keepers from around the world having travelled to India, China, and South America, on spiritual and educational sabbaticals,

 learning directly from the elders and the land in these locations. 

Her work is non-secular and will compliment a wide array belief systems.

She considers her work to be medicine for the soul

She has spent a lifetime listening to and learning from the sages and her muses in natural landscapes. 

She is answering an inner calling through this path of service to others and tailors each offering to be unique

to each client's needs. This is not therapy, this is a pathway into living a life that is sacred to you. 


Spiritual Counseling

This component of our medicine work together incorporates a hybrid blend of personal exploration and virtual connection (Video/Texting/Reading/ Journaling). Marnie intuits her guidance based on your unique intentions and needs infused with practices from

sacred lineages she has apprenticed with.


Medicine Walks

Integral to this spiritual path, you are invited into natural landscapes: either guided in- person, or solo into a local wild space in your own home ecosystem. These invitations on the land help you rewild and connect deeply in healing ways, communing with natural elements and your non-human companions (flora/fauna) that surround and enliven your life.



This facet of our work together incorporates ceremony and ritual into your practice. Based on the path we

co-create, these ceremonies can take place in-person or virtually from your home sanctuary. The possibilities in how we set this container will endeavor to deeply serve your intentions!