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Inner Wild Child

While meditating at the river's edge I felt the urge to dig. So dig I did! I dug and dug until my fingers found rich dark, damp earth. I live in the desert- and the ground is dry. Dry, dry. There was such sweet soothing to be felt in the act of digging. Dirt under nails, gritty silt on the skin of my forearms. Something deep within me came alive. Roots became threads that anchored me in place, guiding me home. I wrapped the roots around my fingers and pulled but they did not give- they grounded me, centered me. Helped me navigate into the terrain of my own soul. I didn't want to let go. I sat there a while, on my knees and whispered a love song to this opening I found. I buried a prayer there. May I find the medicine that is mine to share with the world. May I know this medicine in my bones so that I can use it to help make this world a better place. May I help others find their place in the world where they too can dig, and find their own prayer for the world. And as I stood to go, because dusk was turning to night- I found one white, porous bone fragment. And as I bent to pick it up, my whole hand trembled. This was my "earths", to be placed in my spiritual medicine bundle, and in the fading light- I felt one with badger!

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