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Mindfulness is our inherent ability to focus our awareness in the here and now, allowing curiosity to arise while the natural flow of thoughts, feelings, and sensations come and go from our experience;

the practice of which provides insight and creates space for us to have a more loving and compassionate relationship with our circumstances, ourselves, and others.  

Marnie Rehn


It is my vision to guide and accompany others into practices that open pathways where balance, love, and compassion can flourish!

I've spent over 20 years in the teaching field. I've taught in public schools, on mountainsides, in caves, with museums, while traveling and volunteering abroad, and more. I've worked with young children, adolescents, teens, and adults. No matter the age, no matter the environment, my favorite part has always been watching another person feel the impact of experience while wisdom lands and resonates from within!

It was when I began to share my own practice of mindfulness and meditation with others that I began to realize I had found my favorite subject! For it is the practice of mindfulness meditation that brought me to the space of learning how to access my own deep wisdom as it landed and resonated within myself. 

I created Living Into Mindfulness so that I could work with groups and individuals by sharing foundational mindfulness practices that make a true difference in a person's life be it 1:1, in a small group, or with organizations, in a variety of ways. 

As we all learn to navigate in a an era of pandemic, social justice, and climate emergency, mindfulness offers a pathway where peace and compassion can take root in our lives. There is such relevancy at this time for human beings to be deepening our own sense of awareness which allows us to cultivate peace.

Marnie Rehn : Living Into Mindfulness

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