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My Fruitful Darkness

Allow me to wax poetic for a moment... and share a glimpse into my spiritual field of awareness.

I recently returned from spending two months in Peru studying with a Healer. I find myself now, on the edge of everything I once knew looking into an expanded reality of everything I saw/learned/experienced and now know is possible that before seemed impossible. In this dual perspective I can see, Im Possible! and "I" is so much more than previously thought.

In Peru, I learned that I can know my light (my highest truth, my soul) most clearly because of the darkness. Those pieces of myself that hold my shadows (my flaws, struggles, inner complaints) are sacred, as are my shadow aspects themselves, and there isn't anything to fear about those airs, those energies. The dark butterfly, Obsidian, is my ally who carries that which no longer serves me (my doubts for example) to the great Shadow Keeper. He exists beyond the image. He is insatiable, and he is most generous with his shadowy gifts, and he loves me unconditionally. His partner is Crystal, and she takes aspects of that which I release back to the light- this is the facet of my learning that has gained insight- as a token of acknowledgement for the gifts of learning and release. Owl brings opportunity for sacred flight- new perspective and the ability to see from within. The Tree of Wisdom and light (Noya Rao) grows in both planes, from the depths of Mother Earth (her heart beats and blossoms at our core) into the expanse of Father Sky. And I now stand at the edge- exploring edges in my life knowing there is soft fertile earth below me to support my next steps no matter how challenging and dark the circumstance might seem, and knowing I have the ability to fly with allies who accompany me in the ever changing field in the sky of my mind, carrying gifts of mutable perspective.

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